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The two most beautiful locations in Florida with entirely different experiences...

Choose between our two locations, which is our Crystal River Manatee Viewing experience, or our newest location, Shell Key Preserve and it’s amazing nature ! These are the two finest locations in Florida for All Clear Kayak Tours and will meet any travelers needs for what “they” determine to be beautiful. Whether it is white sand beaches and the beautiful water of Shell Key Preserve, or the majestic experience of Crystal River, we have you covered!

  • Starting April 2024
From $69

There’s no better way to experience Three Sisters Springs than on our All Clear Kayak. This is our #1 tour throughout the year!

People come from all over the world to experience Three Sisters Springs in our all-clear kayaks.

Our All Clear Kayak tour Includes a clear kayak, life vest, paddles, and one of our amazing local guides!  You will be riding as a tandem kayak unless you are over the weight limit or there are an odd number of people in your group.